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Specialized Adoption Agency (SAA)

We give a child a family.
The Integrated Development Society with the help of Women and Child Development Department, State Govt. of Odisha is privileged to get recognized as one of the institution or voluntary organizations for the placement of orphaned, abandoned or surrendered children under Specialized Adoption Agency as per the provisions of various guidelines for adoption issued every once in a while, by the State Government.
As of now, under this program of Specialized Adoption Agency seven vagrant children those who are deprived of early parental care and far from social standard are being given a wide range of institutional care. For example: sustenance, attire, education , amusement, health check-up and so forth. In simple words Integrated Development Society work to cross over any barrier between relinquished children and families that would care for them. Moreover, 2 children have been given pre-adoption child care to the suitable Prospective Adoptive Parents.

The child placed with us will be given all the fundamental training, therapeutic care, attention, sustenance and treatment required according to the standard/rules of CARA/Govt. of India. We try endeavors to put every child in adoption who has been announced lawfully free for adoption by child welfare committee.

Sustainable Options For Uplifting Livelihoods (SOUL)

With time, our country has experienced rapid growth; but, the growth has not been able to touch every level of the society correspondingly. IDS has been taking significant facilitation steps to reach out to these grass root level and help them to have a better life through their own development with their own effort and trying to sustain them. With the support of IGSSS (Indo-Global Social Service Society) that works for development, capacity building and enlightenment of the vulnerable communities across the country for their effective participation in development, IDS have been implementing the project “Sustainable Options For Uplifting Livelihoods (SOUL-II)” in Panchada and Tunpar Gram panchayat of Laxmipur Block in the Koraput district covering 15 villages and 1014 most needy marginalized families.

Project Significance:

SOUL project is not restricted to only extending help to the poor, but we also take a leading part in a number of other social issues, child and adult education, empowerment, irrigation and cultivation field, extending proper medical care to people with physical or mental disability, and also in a number of other aspects, which are designed with the same motto of development of the deprived class.

Showing society that preventive approach and early intervention is a better alternative to l intervention for cure. One of our endeavors is encompassing broader social welfare, poverty reduction and other national development strategies, for building the care and protection of children.

Apart from those social issues, the project SOUL aims at‐

(a)Reducing the climate vulnerability :

By advancing judicious management of natural resources and developing modules based on best practices for selection with standardized savings benefits, the vulnerable marginalized rural families will have reduced their food insecurity by 30%.

Targeted marginalized communities in the mountainous and arid /semi-arid regions will have upgraded versatility and will have turned out to be better adjusted to environmental change and consequent hazards.

(b)Strengthen Community based organization:

Communities are encouraged to cooperate with local government and vice versa for developing their own plan for solving their own felt needs and issues. Community based organizations will be substantially fortified with different levels of leadership , skill and capacity for implementing demand driven and right based approach and strategically advocate with local administration mobilizing existing benefits and creating local sustainable need based requirements.


The Major Accomplishment Under SOUL:

  • 35 nos. families have embraced natural fertilizer (Handikhat ,Vermi compost ) and natural pesticide in their development field .
  • With the support of SOUL project, 15 families have developed drip irrigation and started vegetable cultivation. After demonstration Village Action Team mobilized nos. drip from OTELP project through merging.
  • Three water conservation model was developed through MGNREGA . Community have begun incorporated cultivating like Paddy cultivation, fishery ,plantation and vegetable cultivation through this water conservation model with association of town Action Team.
  • 102 families have adopted SRI technology which has helped them to get more production and also address the issues of food insecurity. As per declaration of the agriculture department, all SRI adopted farmers got incentive ( Rs.500.00 of each farmer)216 nos. of families ( Mix farming-29, kitchen gardern-100,upland millet farming -32, plantation -55) have adopted improved farming practices.
  • 14 nos. of groups of JHODIPADAR town have begun second products ( Summer paddy) through water conservation model.
  • For protection of soil erosion and slope land management, 4 nos . of Food forestry models have been developed in 4 village .
  • 55 families have undertaken 20cashew plantation In 20 Acres. The upland/debased land through GP level nursery with the help of Village Action Team was enhanced which have developed livelihood in the long run.
  • For replication of waste land administration, 20 hectares cashew manor has been set up in Niraniguda town by soil preservation office through convergence of resources.
  • 7 nos. Seeds bank has been set up in 7 towns and 49 families have gathered customary seeds and put away in the seeds bank.
  • VDA(Village Development Association)helped 55 groups of Kendriguda town to embrace smokeless chulla assembled from forest department .
  • 127nos. of families have been connected with different government managed social security’s schemes.
  • 35 families of CHINGADA and TARIGUDA village got solar light mobilized by Village Action Team.
  • Jhodikenda village Action Team have activated around 20 lakhs rupees from MGNREGA plans for various sort of land advancement work and thus, the town Jhodikenda is one of the model towns in the Laxmipur Block.
  • 15 families have got Indira Awas Yojana and 15 nos. of families have been linked with Madhubabu pension yojana as per the recommendation by Village Action Team.

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